Risk Partners is recognized as an industry leader in the structure and placement of captive insurance programs both onshore and offshore. Our Principals have experience from the world’s largest independent captive management company as well as the industry’s largest captive manager. Our alternative risk expertise enables us to deliver optimized solutions for complex and non-traditional risks.

The captive structure reduces the dependence on commercial insurance markets. This increases the insured’s ability to manage losses, direct the use of surplus, purchase reinsurance on a direct basis, select service providers, and optimize tax efficiencies. Captive structures designed by Risk Partners have helped clients from all industry groups manage risk more effectively while also participating in underwriting profit and investment income.

Typical coverages include Workers’ Compensation, Automobile Liability, General Liability, Medical Professional Liability and custom manuscripted coverage solutions.

Captives – Overview

A captive is an insurance company that insures the risks of its owner, affiliated businesses, or a group of companies. A Single Parent Captive is owned and controlled by one company and insures that company and/or its subsidiaries while a Group Captive is an insurance company owned and controlled by two or more non-affiliated organizations insured by the captive.

Advantages of Forming a Captive:

  • Reduced dependence on commercial insurance markets
  • Retain underwriting profit and investment income
  • Reduce risk management costs
  • Stabilize commercial insurance pricing
  • Increased availability of insurance coverages
  • Direct access to reinsurance markets
  • Increased control over services (claims handling, underwriting and loss control)
  • Regulatory and tax efficiencies

Risk Partners can effectively accommodate captive engagements from the initial exploratory (feasibility) phase through implementation and ongoing management. Our combined skill set of market knowledge and underwriting expertise becomes especially advantageous for accounts having more than $1,000,000 in premium.

If your clients are exploring a captive structure as part of their risk management or wealth building strategy, Risk Partners can guide you on all aspects of development.

Risk Partners structures captive and rent-a-captive programs, onshore or offshore, helping clients optimize their return on both underwriting profit and investment income. As an independent provider, Risk Partners will objectively determine the most appropriate domicile and reinsurance structure based on the captive’s lines of business, risk profile and location preferences. In addition to utilizing many traditional domiciles (e.g., Bermuda, Cayman, Hawaii, Vermont), Risk Partners also allows access to a proprietary offshore segregated portfolio company (SPC) facility providing unique tax advantages.

Risk Partners objectively customizes each program component to deliver optimal efficiency and results.