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Gary Osborne

Vice President

Alternative Risk Programs

Picking the right insurance solution for your organization can be a challenge. Do you self-insure or use and outside provider? A traditional insurance product may seem like the more convenient choice, but you pay for that convenience through higher premiums that your company may not be utilizing. It’s a vicious cycle for the sake of security that could be hurting you financially.

If that’s the case, your company may be a strong candidate for captive insurance— an innovative option that empowers you to effectively self-manage your premiums and insurance costs while putting investments back into your business. It’s ideal for businesses committed to investing for the long-term by making the most of their insurance solutions.

The Four C’s of Captive Insurance

Like a diamond, captive insurance has Four C’s that make it truly stand out from other options.


Instead of paying out to traditional, for-profit insurance companies, premiums remain within your company and can be used for future investment.


Power is shifted from the traditional insurance company back to your own business, allowing you to develop your own terms relating to claims and qualifications.


The insurance market can be volatile, meaning rates can increase. With captive insurance, rates are more stable, because your money has been invested over the years. Think of it like your insurance savings account.


Captive insurance offers flexibility, freeing you from the limits and restrictions of a traditional insurance plan. You and your employees can be covered at all times under your unique sets of standards.

Risk Partners, Inc. can build your individual program from the ground up, that provides a safety net for the long-term sustainability of your business. Our specialists consult with you to find the right fit, including:

Captive Viability Analysis

Is your business financially sound and ready for a long-term commitment? Risk Partners assesses your predictable risk, considers specific opportunities for captive insurance, and uses that to find the best captive option for you company.

Formation and Licensing

Risk Partners manages all necessary applications and regulatory processes, then coordinates with your business to format your captive plan.

Maintenance and Measurement

Risk Partners is with you for the long haul. We offer programs and personnel who provide insight into changes and new options to fit you.

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