Our facilities include a Cayman-based Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) that functions as a non-controlled foreign corporation rent-a-captive, as well as a series LLC protected cell captive insurance company based in Tennessee. We provide segregated cells for a variety of programs and coverages over a wide range of diversified businesses.

These programs include Professional Liability for hospitals’ employed and contract physicians, nursing homes, and attorneys. We also offer an alternative risk financing facility to compliment medical stop loss for self-insured employee benefit health plans.

Other SPC capabilities include the more traditional structures for: Workers’ Compensation, General Liability and Commercial Auto Liability.

Access to this exclusive SPC enables us to provide a superior option to similar, but more expensive offshore operations.

Examples of programs developed for these facilities:

  • Funding large deductibles for Workers’ Compensation and other casualty lines through a direct issued deductible reimbursement policy
  • Funding self-insured retentions for Professional Liability exposures for Physicians, Architect/Engineers, Lawyers
  • Reinsurance of the primary “working layer” of a fronted guaranteed cost casualty policy issued by an admitted insurer
  • Fronting high limits excess property insurance
  • Loss Portfolio Transfer or retrospective deductible reimbursement programs
  • Employee Benefits coverage
  • Medical stop-loss insurance and claims run-out coverage
  • Motor truck cargo and general liability insurance
  • Automobile Finance and Insurance products including, Vehicle Service Contracts, Lease Gap insurance
  • Contractors’ liability insurance
  • Reinsurance of Risk Retention Group contingent tail liability
  • Long term funding for catastrophe risks e.g. Hurricane or Earthquake deductibles
  • Novation of programs from other Rent-a-Captive Companies
  • Habitational Real Estate insurance for property and general liability risks associated with REITS or owners of other HUD properties

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