What We Offer: Specialty Programs

Risk Partners has developed several specialty programs to accommodate the specific underwriting needs of agency controlled business. Our programs are built upon a foundation of exceptional underwriting expertise, a superior retail distribution network and extensive market relationships. Working with retail niche-industry experts, we are building exclusive, differentiated program solutions to provide responsive capacity to underserved market segments. Our programs target well-managed risks that outperform their market segment and have a desire to capitalize on the profitability of a favorable loss history. Here are additional details:


Auto Dealerships – Franchise & Independent

  • Designed to insure standard to preferred, profitable, well managed businesses involved in the sale of and repair of automobiles
  • Provides comprehensive insurance protection from a single location to a multi-location, multi state operation
  • We target accounts with a proven track record of success
    • This includes good sales and service practices, good safety practices including good housekeeping, well maintained equipment that is in good working condition, good hiring practices, properly trained and certified staff, sound financials, acceptable crime index score and good loss experience. For those businesses who do paint work a NFPA/UL approved paint booth with a ventilation systems and proper paint storage, is required.
  • Additionally, we offer a national Workers’ Compensation program for new and used car dealers, with a variety of pricing discounts and loss control services
  • Dealers Open Lot may be available on Non-Franchised Dealers and Dealers with a Low Limit of Owned Vehicles.
  • First dollar program available in all states with “A” rated, A.M. Best insurance company (closed to new agents only in California)


Commercial Auto

This program underwrites a broad range of service, retail and commercial auto and physical damage coverage in all vehicle weight classes.

  • Available in MD, DE, OH, NJ, PA with “A” rated, A.M. Best insurance companies
  • Minimum Premium $25,000
  • Includes:
    • New and used car dealers
    • Filling stations and service centers
    • Car tire dealers
    • Auto paint and body shops
    • Auto part stores
    • Car wash facilities


Restaurant Groups

  • Fast food restaurants
  • Family-style restaurants
  • White tablecloth dining
  • Wholesale/Retail Food Group
  • Food processing, canning and packing
  • Select produce, meat, poultry and dairy operations
  • Wholesale/retail grocery, meat and produce outlets


Safety Groups

  • Risk Partners offers its agency partners access to Workers Compensation Safety Group Dividend Plans for their qualifying small and mid-sized insureds in DE, MA, MI, NJ PA and TX.
  • Each of our safety group programs provide specially tailored loss control, claims and medical management services
  • Designed with an “A” rated, A.M.
  • Best insurance company to provide tailored risk management solutions to insureds within specific industry classes
  • Provide smaller companies (minimum premium of $5,000) with the ability to collectively apply the same risk management techniques used by larger companies to improve workplace safety, reduce losses and capitalize on a favorable loss history.


Target Classes

  • Contractor vehicles/fleet *available in NY boroughs, school bus, waste haulers
  • Delivery Vans
  • Dump Trucks
  • Household Movers – Local or Intermediate
  • Local & Intermediate Truckers (up to 200 mile radius)
  • Medical Transportation (includes non-emergency ambulance|Not available in NY )*
  • Sand & Gravel Haulers
  • Taxis (Not available in NY)*
  • Tow Trucks
  • Transportation Network Companies (TNC) *available in all states